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Our ghost producer platform helps to connect professional music producers with DJs and singers who needs to buy ghost produced tracks to boost up their career.

The professional ghost producer team behind our company has more than 100 years experience in the music industry all together.

Are you dreaming about to be signed with a top label? Have you ever wanted to hit the charts on Beatport, iTunes and other stores?

Using a ghost producer became widely accepted during the past years, although still remain a taboo which is right. And of course, we will never reveal your identity.
Before we continue, let us clear things up a little bit about the whole music production topic.


A ghost producer is technically a music producer who remains completely anonymous after the creation of the song. It’s also called as ghostwriting or ghost producing.
The client hires the producer to make a track, or buy a ready-to-buy track from him or her.
There are a lot of confusions about the status quo between the producer and the client. We got the question that “Do I have to mention who made this track for me?” and the answer is a big NO!
You never have to reveal who created your tracks.

Ghost producing is the method when a ghost producer makes a track for a request

This type of producer don’t really like to be in the spotlight and prefer keep their anonymity.
Once a ghost producer is paid to create a song for a DJ or a label, they transfer all the rights of the track and agree to remain anonymous.
The song could be a single, remix, bootleg and even radio signals, background musics or movie scores.
The request usually comes from DJs and/or singers. This is a slower way of the creation, but more specific.
When you consider to buy ghost produced tracks from us, you will get it in days.

In each and every cases, once the client bought the track, at the same time buys the rights to do literally everything with the song.
The invoice (what we make for your safety) will contain the details about the purchased rights as well, so you will have a proof in your hand.

We also offer “ready-to-buy” tracks to get your desired track really fast.


  • Choose a track (or more) from our ghost production catalog
  • Write an e-mail to us, mentioned the code name of the desired song
  • We get in touch with the producer immediately
  • You get the complete song once the payment has been finished

You can pick your preferred song from our ghost productions for sale or feel free to send us some reference track and we will create your sound! Our producers can do wide variety of electronic genres.
We will charge some fee as you see in our ghost production prices chart. Once you picked and bought your track, you can do anything with it. Release it, upload to YouTube or send as promotion to your favorite DJ, it really depends on you.

Ghost United’s ghost producers can compose everything from tropical house to EDM through future house

Are you a DJ who wants to release own tracks and get signed to a major label? Maybe you want perform at the best clubs and festivals? Are you a singer who looking for instrumental tracks for own releases and public performances?
Do you want to release your own track at the same quality like your favorite international artist does? Just like KSHMR, Afrojack, David Guetta or Don Diablo, CamelPhat and others…?
Then we strongly advise you to buy ghost productions to boost up your “output” and represent yourself.

Back in the days a band or a singer could touring with an album for years or even a decade. Nowadays if you don’t release a single within 2 months your audition thinks you are disappeared.
You have to schedule releases at least every 2nd month if you want achieve decent visibility in the scene.
But as a DJ, ask yourself: how could you afford to sit in the studio for days and work on your new release?
You have to focus on your gigs and making your weekly mixes for radios. Not to mention what if you don’t have enough technical experience to create a top notch?

Using a ghost producer is a fast and forward thinking solution.

You can save a lot of time when you buy ghost produced tracks from our company.

Browse the available ghost productions and contact us when you found your desired track. Our customer service will contact you within hours.  We have many top ghost produced tracks for sale. Also you can send us some reference tracks and we will ghost produce the sound you want.

You get all the royalties, credits, fame, and gigs. Also you can focus on the important things what a DJ has to do.
Our customers had countless chart entries on Beatport under the flag of labels like Toolroom, Spinnin’, Defected, also millions of plays on YouTube and streaming of Spotify. Our clients are widely supported by major DJs while their little secret remains hidden. Do you want to join our team and make your dreams come true?

100% satisfaction & 100% discretion guaranteed.

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