Best Future House Tracks of 2017

best future house tracksWhat were the best future house tracks in 2017?

We are already ranked the best dance songs of 2017, now it’s time to dig deeper. The last year was really strong with better and better releases in this particular genre. Now it’s time to rank the best future house tracks from the last year!

10. HI-LO, Alok – Alien Technology

We are big fans of Oliver Heldens, but even bigger of his alter ego aka. HI-LO. He can always do whatever he want with this project while he can keep “clean” his major artist name. HI-LO tracks are always out of the box even if it’s still related to future house.

9. Lucas & Steve, Ummet Ozcan – Higher

Lucas & Steve never disappoint us and always brings bangers straight into our face even if it’s a melodic future house track or a complete sickness, just like “Higher”.

8. Don Diablo – Save A Little Love

Don Diablo brought many top notch during the past 12 months, so we had hard times to decide what was the strongest one which could be placed among the best future house track. We choose “Save A Little Love” which was one of his biggest hits in 2017.

7. Zonderling – Tunnel Vision

Zonderling was always famous about his unique bigroom-ish sounds. In “Tunnel Vision” he combined it with a super catchy melody and boom: and instant dancefloor filler has been born.

6. Lucas & Steve – Up Till Dawn

The super talented Dutch DJ duo bought their ticket to the ride which leads to the 90’s. They made a super catchy remake of “Barthezz – On The Move” and we were immediately fall in love with this, even if we are not big fans of remakes.

5. Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams, Curbi – Let’s Go

Oh wait, maybe it was the year of Lucas & Steve? Probably, but we can’t miss their amazing collab the rising starts of the future house genre.

4. Mike Williams, Dastic – You & I

Mike Williams always know how to make a track which stuck in your ear for days. Or maybe his ghost producer knows it? We will never knew, but his track is almost placed in the top 3 of our list. Well done, Mike!

3. StadiumX – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

They became famous as an EDM/Bigroom DJ duo and now he keep rocking in future house and they are doing it perfectly. Their song absolutely deserve the bronze medal in our contest because it’s unique and brings catchy melodies and heavy beats at the same time. Big up for StadiumX!

2. Madison Mars – Atom

We are almost sure that Madison Mars will be one of the most important players of the future house genre in the next years. His mega bomb called “Atom” and it’s absolutely related to the track itself.

1. Brooks, Mike Williams – Jetlag

What can we say. Brooks. One of the most talented producer of the scene and we can never be bored of his unique solutions. He well deserved the top spot in the contest of the best future house tracks of 2017.