Best Ghost Producers of the EDM Scene

best ghost producersWho are the best ghost producers nowadays?

Have you ever thought, that many of your favorite tracks made by the best ghost producers of the scene? It’s time to make an introduction through some big names of the EDM scene!

Are the best ghost producers coming from the Netherlands?

Let’s start with the most famous one, who is coming from the EDM scene.

Maarten Vorwerk

He has been produced for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DVBBS, Quintino with Sandro Silva and many more.
In an interview from 2015 he mentioned who great is to be a ghost producer. You can live your dream life with a lot of studio time, earn decent money so he has the chance to live in Aruba and build his high-end studio. Also he has been released a book of his “Tip of the week” Facebook posts. Well done and big up Mr. Maarten Vorwerk!

Martin Garrix

He is the best example to represent how can you build a career from making ghost productions toward to being a major DJ. One of his ghost produced track has been released on Spinnin’ Records and they found out he produced it. After that, Spinnin’s A&R asked him to show some of his other tracks and now the rest is history.


Some leaked contract agreements says that he ghost produced for Borgeous on “Zero Gravity” and “They Don’t Know us”.


His ghost produced track to David Guetta (Titanium) is a perfect example how to benefit from ghost producing. The tune became a real hit all over the world while he made nice money with it. Also he had the chance to try out something which is far away from his sick tracks. He succeed it very well without risking his credit while he tried out something new. This is the winner combo which makes him one of the best ghost producers of the scene.

Porter Robinson

At the beginning, he started to produce handsup music at the age of 15 as Ekowraith. This fact really shows his talent and versatility. In an interview with the British BBC Radio 1 he mentioned that he ghost produced a track for a friend in EDM. That was Hardwell’s “Apollo”.

The conclusion of the examples above that nobody really cares if anybody hire the best ghost producers or not. All of the revealed names still working and respected in the scene. The artists and DJs who use ghost producers pay them correctly which helps to build the producers career as well. I don’t see the aspect where this could be seen as a bad thing.