Are you consider to buy ghost produced tracks from us?

If you are planning to buy ghost produced tracks, then you came to the right place. Check out the available ghost productions here, or click on “ghost productions” above.
It’s a fast, quality and safe solutions in many cases:

  • Are you a DJ and want to kick-start your career?

You are busy with organize your performances, collecting music to your sets, mixing your weekly podcast. Okay, we know this. Maybe don’t you have the technical experience to do your own songs? That’s fine. You don’t have to make everything. But you will need releases to build your name and “be visible”. This is the most common case when we advise to buy ghost produced tracks.

  • Do you have a label but your artist doesn’t have enough release?

You are the owner of your own label. Congratulation! You have some nice releases already and your artists are really good DJs, who can perform pretty well. But the problem is they don’t have time or knowledge to produce own tracks, right? You should consider to buy ghost produced songs, so your projects can go further.

  • Are you a singer who needs quality instrumental songs for own use (such as official releases, performances, radio plays, etc.)?

Your vocals are magic, but your demos are not on the same level? Why should you invest years to learn how to make a hit song?! Just buy ghost productions and let’s make your dreams come true.

buy ghost produced tracks


Our professional ghost  producer team can create wide spectrum of tracks. Ghost United provides exclusive and fast ghost producing services for you at affordable prices as you can see in our ghost production prices chart.

Ghost producing is a sensitive part of the industry, but we guarantee 100% discretion for you. We always making invoices for you which ensures that you are the legal owner of your song.

If you fancy a long term partnership, then CONTACT US and we will work out an individual offer for your needs, even if you have a company.

Let me introduce OUR SERVICES and find out how can you buy ghost produced tracks in 4 simple steps!

As simple as that.

1st STEP: Choose your preferred track from our catalog (the ghost productions menu above) and get in touch with us. Don’t forget to mention the code name of the preferred song. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we get in touch with the producer immediately for a faster procedure.

2nd STEP: We send you a full, low quality version of the full track.

3rd STEP: If you love the track, we will ask for some details to create the invoice which ensures that you are the legal owner of your song.

4th STEP: You will get the invoice (including the transfer of the copyrights) and our payment details (you can choose PayPal or bank transfer).

Once the payment is done, we give you the download link within 24 hours to download your full “INSTANT FAME” package which contains a full and radio versions, and the remix stems.
At the same time, the track will be removed from our catalog as soon as the payment has been closed.

When you are 99% sure about your track, but…

1st STEP:  Write an e-mail to us, don’t forget to mention the code name of the track (for example: BGM0001) and describe what do you wish to be changed (such as melodies, vocals, buildup, etc.)

2nd STEP:  We temporary hide the song from our catalog and provide you a full, low quality demo (96kb/s mp3) of the changed track within 3 working days (it could be faster, depending on our music producers).

3rd STEP: After you confirmed that you are satisfied with the changes, then we will create the invoice and inform you about the details to complete the payment (PayPal or bank transfer)

4th STEP: Once the payment is done, an e-mail will be sent to you within 24 hours including the download link to your package. At the same time, we remove your (original) track permanently from our ghost productions catalog what we hid before.

Our most personalized service.

1st STEP: Send us some of your favorite songs and describe us what are your preferred key elements, such as: genre, mood of the song, tempo, vocals, synths, buildup, etc.

2nd STEP: Our producers start to work as soon as possible and we will send a 1-2 minutes long low quality (96kb/s mp3) demo to you within 3-5 working days.

3rd STEP: After you give us your permission your track will be done within 5 working days. If you want to request more changes it will extended the process with +2-3 days at least.

4th STEP: We provide you the full song in a low quality mp3 file once we finished. If you are amazed (and you will be) send us your billing details and we give you the invoice to complete the payment.
We will send the download link within 24 hours once the payment will be done.

If you need any help with the payment process, do not hesitate to contact us. We are really happy to serve you! Also, if you have any question about how to buy ghost produced tracks from us, feel free to contact us anytime.

…and the LAST STEP in each and every cases: Use your own track as you wish: play it loud, release it, spread it all over the world, or just upload it to YouTube and get the fame!