3 Essential Tips for EDM Ghost Producers

edm ghost producersEDM Ghost Producers – The 3 Most Important Rules

There are many important rules what EDM ghost producers should follow, but let’s highlight the 3 most important essentials now.

EDM Ghost Producers rule no.1 – Making music

The most essential, period. If you don’t make music, there is now way you can get anywhere. It’s not that easy as it sounds. Lot of professionals and even beginners struggle with finding the time to sit down front of the computer and fool around with the melodies and beats.

Our tip is try to save at least an hour each and every day when you just make music. No phone, no social, just the music and you. It’s all about how much time you actually put into making music. The more you do it the better you get.

EDM ghost Producers rule no.2 – Finishing music

I know that you know what I mean. Especially if you are an expert. It’s one of the most crucial tips. If you don’t finish your tracks and never learn to finish a song then actually never have a complete song, just sketches and crazy EDM song ideas. That means all of the – so called – tracks you started and never finished are kind of meaningless. Except the what you learned and experienced while you made, of course.

I know, you really have to force yourself to finish a song. It’s hard, sometimes boring but if you just repeating making new sketches over and over again you will never succeed.

EDM Ghost Producers rule no.3 – Let your music go

Here we are. Making a track and finishing it is nice, but you have to learn how to let it go. Once your track has been sold, then it’s not your track anymore. It’s not your success if the track became a hit. You didn’t had to risk your money, investing into promotion and trying to release it. Not the mention the rejection of the labels what you can suffer from until the day when your favorite A&R finally answer your e-mail and wants to release the banger you made.