Frequently asked questions

What can I do with the songs?

You can release it, spread it, sending to DJs/radios, using as a promotional tool. It only depends on your possibilities and imagination, but the most important: after you bought it, you’ll have the rights to do it all.

Is ghost producing legal?

Yes it is. Although it’s still a taboo topic in the scene, nobody believes that popular, busy DJs have time to create their own music. Just like nobody believes in Santa Claus either. Ghost producing is also the perfect solution if you are a talented DJ but you don’t have the time to learn how to produce music, but you need more output to create the buzz around you.
Also we offer the possibility for singers to get an amazing instrumental to sing on.

Is it possible that it turns out that I bought my track from a ghost producing company?

No. We guarantee 100% discretion to our customers. It’s good for you, so it’s good for us.

Is each track sold only once?

Yes. Once a track has been sold, it will be removed from our website and will not be available to listen to or purchase once again.

So will I have all the royalties and copyrights of the track?

Yes. Once a track is purchased from us, the buyer maintains 100% royalties and we remove the demo from our catalog immediately.

What type of rights will I hold?

With the payment all existing copyrights are transferred to the buyer. In particular all exclusive rights in: -reproduction, -distribution, -public performance, -publishing, -making derivatives, -sync, -publicly display, -digital transmission, -copyright control.

How long does it take to get my track after I paid?

After we received your e-mail with your instructions and we got your payment, we will send the invoice immediately. After that, we provide a private download link to your package within 24 hours, if you choose our INSTANT FAME service.

Can you do mash-ups, bootlegs, remixes and other special requests?

Yes we can. We provide different services for affordable prices. We have the capacity to serve custom requests as well (for custom prices).

What payment methods can I use?

We offer you PayPal the world’s most trusted online payment service.

What type of invoice do you send?

We protect nature so we are using electronic invoices.

Some of the tracks contains vocals. These vocals are including the package?

Yes. All of the vocals are from royalty free sample packs, but of course if you don’t need them we can provide instrumental versions.