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If you want the track as it is, we advise the INSTANT FAME package for you. If you like the 80% of the track but you consider to change the main melody, synths, structure, we offer to purchase our ALMOST THERE package. MADE TO MEASURE is for people who wants to get a new track from zero. Just send us your reference tracks and we will produce your sound.

Also we offer different services for affordable ghost production prices to make your song exactly as you wished for

You can see the details step by step how we work and how to buy ghost produced tracks from us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Our ghost production prices can be vary due to your needs (for example long term partnership, bulk buying, etc.).

We also accept remix (even remix contest) and bootleg requests as ghost productions. Contact us for personal inquiries. If you are looking for the best prices follow us on Facebook so you will be up to date with our latest sales up to 30%. Don’t miss it!

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