About Gianluca Vacchi’s Ghost Produced Track

Peoplghost produced tracke are complaining about Gianluca Vacchi’s new ghost produced track

After Gianluca’s summer hit “Viento“, he released “Trump-It” in the past days and people instantly called as a ghost produced track. Why is it so important that people instantly complained about it? Haters gonna hate or they are right?

When you actually look through the comment section below his video, you will find comments like:

“I think It’s ghost produced by Merk & Kremont.”
“Ghost producers everywhere”
“Ghost producer detected”

First of all I have to make it clear: He definitely paid for ghost producing. He is an instagram millionaire, he has nothing to do with music productions. But why should he do it? He want to be a DJ, playing for people and this is a very different approach. Gianluca doesn’t feel the urge to sit all day in the studio, playing the keys, doing the music itself. He is rather an extrovert personality, take care of his business and focus on preparing performances.

Just like we mentioned before, using a ghost produced track is a really forward thinking solution

If you don’t have the time or experience to make high quality electronic music. This is what the italian DJ exactly does. Nobody should be surprised by these things anymore. Ghost producing became a widely accepted topic during the past years and this is not scandalous anymore.

People should understand that releasing a ghost produced track is a must have for major DJs. Based on the comment section below the music video, I think 80% of the – so called – fans only wants to be a spotter and spread the news that he used a ghost producer. But when it’s obvious – and nobody denied before -, then it doesn’t makes sense.

Why do people expects a DJ definitely should have to make completely own tracks? Will he be more credible as a DJ (the focus is on “as a DJ“) just because he makes his songs or not? If he makes the crowd go wild then nobody should care. In the past 10 years, the DJ-artist-musician topic completely mixed up, regarding DJ Mag award became a popularity contest as well.

Check Gianluca’s latest release, “Trump-It”: