DJ Gigs From Local Clubs To International EDM Festivals

international edm festivalsDJ gigs from local clubs to international EDM festivals

Have you ever wondered how to make the step in your DJ career from local gigs to actually playing at the most famous international EDM festivals?

Of course, the miracle doesn’t happen overnight. There is no way to play DJ gigs one day and another day being booked all over the world. But you definitely have to get your first DJ gigs before you conquer the entire world. Be prepared, because you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.

How can you get your first gig?

Back in the days it was harder to became a DJ, but it was much easier to get gigs. It way mainly because becoming a DJ meant to spend a lot of money to buy vinyls and your equipment and only a few lucky invested that. Nowadays it’s the opposite. The entrance level to DJing is very cheap. You just need a laptop and a software, but getting the gigs is close to impossible. Many DJs playing for free and the market is already flooded and full. You have to compete with all of these people which means you have to bring more to the table. One of these things is definitely producing music, building up a fan base to make sure that wherever you play there are hundreds of people showing up.

If you want to be booked and play at the biggest international EDM festivals you have to release your own songs. It’s actually very simple but pretty indirect at the same time.

You have to being booked for your musics.

Nowadays you have to produce your own tracks or you should pay for ghost producing and fine someone who can make your songs for you. Only a couple of DJs left who only do DJ gigs and don’t produce a track almost every month. I think about the DJs who started back in the days where DJs were separated from producers. Those were the days when becoming a DJ meant to buy a lot of records, but learn all the special skills. It wasn’t like the complete package that everybody has to deliver nowadays. If you want to be booked and actually play on the main stage you have to own a huge hit. There is no other way or shortcut around it.