All You Need to Learn Ghost Producing

learn ghost producingWhat are the fundamental things you need to learn ghost producing?

So you are dreaming about to be a ghost producer, right? First of all, you have to learn ghost producing in a proper way.

It’s not a big deal to learn ghost producing nowadays

You only need to have a computer and I assume that most of you have a computer. Of course, you will need a DAW as well as speakers and/or headphones. Although I would advise you to use studio monitor speakers instead of headphones, we know very talented ghost producers who work with headphones. Speakers let you to feel dimensions and depth, while headphones are a little bit more flat. When you start mixing and mastering with headphones it’s a lot more harder.

As far as we can believe the rumors, Martin Garrix also started with a computer and cheap speakers as well as Avicii and Laidback Luke has been producing for a long time with headphones and a laptop.

You actually don’t need a fancy recording studio to learn ghost producing

Of course, we are still talking about the starting phase. We heard so many times the excuses from very talented producers that they couldn’t start without professional tools. At first it’s really important to develop your skills. I don’t mean about programming synths or how to make textures and sounds. But I definitely advise you to learn about compression, reverb, EQing as a next step.
Don’t lose your focus first. If you want to learn how to drive a car, you don’t need to know how an engine works. The first you need to learn is how to drive.

Bang for the buck: studio monitors

If you really want to take mixing seriously you need a set of monitors in your home studio. There is really no way around it. Studio monitors are designed to give you the flattest, most accurate representation of your tracks. Of course, there are many manufacturers and they all sound a little different. However they all trying to do the same basically. We advise you to buy Genelec, Mackie, Adam or M-Audio models around (or above) 300$/pair. But it all depends on your ears. Before you buy, you definitely have to test them with a reference track what you listened thousand times before.

I hope you realized that there is really nothing standing in the way between you and your dream to create banging ghost productions.