4 Situations When You Should Consider to Buy Ghost Produced Tracks

ghost produced tracksGhost Produced Tracks can be super helpful, although many gossip says it’s a sin

Of course you can call me biassed, regarding we are a company who sells ghost produced tracks. Oh well, you are right. This could be true, but I want to share our experiences by the DJs and artist we working with.
Maybe you realize if you stuck in the same situation and helps you to decide: do I need a ghost production or not?

Ask yourself an essential question: do I have enough attention? do I have enough time or experience to make more songs? If your answers are “no”, you should consider to buy Ghost Produced Tracks

To be in the spotlight is a crucial fact if you want to achieve new levels in your career. Even if you are a DJ, singer, artist or a label owner. Let’s highlight some typical examples when a ghost production can solve your problem.

  • You have a label, but your DJ projects are not productive

You own your label which is great. Your signed artist have DJ gigs every weekend (or even on weekdays) which is even better. But due to their busy schedule, they don’t have time to produce anymore. Then you should advise your DJ to make more output even with professional ghost produced tracks.

  • You are a DJ and you have zero time to spend in your studio

This point is related to the previous one. There is a turning point in every successful DJs career when you realize you don’t have enough time and/or energy and you should hire a ghost producer. Being a studio zombie can be fun, but if you have gigs every weekend and even on weekdays, it’s not fun anymore. As a DJ you have to focus on selecting musics for your set, or making weekly mixes. There are plenty of things to do instead of making music. At this point you will need to ask somebody to ghost producing for you to keep your fans interested and make a bigger impact.

  • You are a producer who going through from creativity crisis

Well, many producers had to going through “burned out” periods. This is not necessarily bad if you can handle it. Sometimes new impulses can refresh your mind. That’s the point where you should consider to buy ghost produced tracks. Even full songs or just ideas. Based on our experiences, it’s really inspirational to see how others are working and thinking about musics.

  • You are a singer/songwriter and you need instrumental songs

It’s simple. You are a good songwriter. Your lyrics are out of this world and your voice is a magic. But why you should know how to build up a song? Even from the technical side. Don’t waste your time to struggle with learning how to use a DAW. Especially if you are absolutely not interested in it.