Who Did We Ghost Produce For?

ghost produceGhost produce for anybody has to be hidden forever

Don’t you think that we will reveal anybody’s name we ghost produce for? Of course not. This is – one of – the most important things when it comes to ghost produce.
We have to prove that our customers can create their own brand as they do. Otherwise the magic disappear and both side losing their credit.
Mutual trust is the basis for cooperation in long term.

Anonymity is the key when it comes to ghost produce, but what’s guarantee our DJs or singers secure?

The answer is simple. Once our relation became revealed between our clients, we lost our credits and our customer as well. And not only one customer, but many further because everything depends on the relations in the music industry. Just like in other scenes. And bad news spreading faster than the speed of light. This is a fact. Our goal is to build relations with our clients and working with them long term. Which is also good for the clients because we can work out individual ghost production prices.

We will never use – for example – our customers Beatport top selling positions for advertising purposes. Even if they had countless entries. From the moment when you bought your song from us it’s only your success, not our anymore. You put your money and time into the advertising which is almost as important as the music itself. You can read about the typical ghost producer fails and mistakes here if you are curious about the topic.

Making a proper music is a must-have, but doesn’t make the magic if you don’t put the effort in it. You have to push your songs to major DJs before release, so they can play it exclusively. Also recommended to pay Beatport for banners which is a big help for a release.