Ghost Producing Only Happens in EDM?

ghost producingDo you think ghost producing is an EDM phenomenon?

Well, I’ll be as short as possible: not at all. Ghost producing happens all over the scene.

As you can see on our site as well, lot of companies are involved in the ghost producing industry, regardless of the style.
The reason why it’s all blown up and related to EDM is a name what – almost – everybody knows: Maarten Vorwerk. He was the first person who became widely known as a ghost producer and back in those days EDM was on it’s peak. This could be the reason why most of the fans think ghost producing is an EDM related thing. He was the music producer behind Sandro Silva, Quintino, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Since Maarten has been spilled the beans, an other trance phenomenon also made a coming out. Of course I think about Ashley Wallbridge. He used this hype to create some buzz around his new album, so well done Ashley!

All in all, these people have the right to reveal they were ghost producers, but on the other hand they can put their partners and clients into a pretty silky situation.
Just think about it. Surely they can’t mention the names, but if you are just a little bit more into the music business than the average people, you can connect the names by relations (collabs, label similarities, etc).
We can be sure after a coming out like this, the guys can lose their credit and reputation, so when you know somebody is a ghost, then he is not a ghost producer anymore. Just like it happens with Maarten. He has been released his single since then and regarding he is building his new studio, we can prepare for even more.

Maybe there will be the day when some of the underground producers coming out, but till then we have the illusion that only EDM and mainstream musics could be made by ghost producers.
If you want to dig yourself deeper into this sikly topic, we offer you to read this super interview with “the” ghost producer.